How To Clean Your Leather Sofa

It’s recommended that you clean your leather furniture once every three months. You need to be weary though, using a harsh cleaner can ruin your the leather material. Below is our recommendations on how to clean a leather sofa.

Before using any products, vacuum clean the sofa with the soft brush attachment. Make sure to hoover up all the dirt, otherwise your sofa may stain when wiping with the cleaning solution.

You have two options to create a cleaning solution and both work as well as each other – equal amounts of white vinegar and water or a couple of drops of leather cleaner in water. Make a microfiber cloth damp and then wipe the sofa with the cloth (work top to bottom). When done, dry the sofa with a clean towel. DO NOT use a dryer as this will dry out the leather material. When conditioning, mix one part white vinegar with two parts linseed oil. Then apply with a clean cloth and in a circular motion.

Leave it overnight and then use a clean rag to buff the sofa.

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