Artwork Radiators

An innovation in both design and modern heating is the artwork radiator. They serve both a functionality and visual purpose while providing tasteful decoration to the room in which they are situated. Caleido have combine those concepts with tasteful mastery finesse and all out performance.

These radiators come in many different shapes and are usually on an elongated rectangular shape designed by Karim Rashid and distributed worldwide.  No longer does the radiators have to be hid behind the sofa or be laden with drying clothes. It can be the centre point in the room and an extension of the other artwork around the house.

Now your radiators can fit in nicely to an already beautifully constructed furniture context , enhance the value of the room while playing on the concepts of light, space, environment and lines. These simple elements when masterfully crafted give additional life to a room and make that room a  pleasure, to live work or relax in.

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